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Dentist Noordermeer

' Sustainable dental care with an eye to the future '

Eijmbert Noordermeer was already working at a dentist on Zuidas Amsterdam in 1991. Today, over 25 years later, his practice is still there. Focusing on sustainable dental care, he only uses the best materials that hardly ever need replacing. Therefore, the focus can be on preventive care and avoiding oral complications.

If a cavity does occur or if a tooth breaks, your teeth will be repaired the most sustainable way: using porcelain. Ceramic looks a lot like dental enamel and lasts a life time. Porcelain inlays are made to measure at our practice, look natural and feel like your own teeth. Old fillings are also easily replaced by porcelain ones.

Tandarts Noordermeer and his team are happy to help you restore and maintain your teeth in top condition. A healthy mouth is a joy each and every day.

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